Beauty Essential Must Have While Traveling

Are you ready to travel this year? Before you hit the road, you must remember that traveling can make your skin look dull, pale, and tired. You always want to look picture-perfect and fresh.

But with your drag schedule and unhealthy sleeping habits, you must take care of your skin during your trips. Weather conditions, as well as pollution, can also contribute to breakouts and dry skin. Equip yourself with products that are efficient for traveling and easy to apply while you’re on the go.

Sunblock or sunscreen (better if Reef-safe)

Not all sunscreen is created equal. Bring reef-safe sunscreen if you’re planning on snorkeling on your tropical holiday. The worst chemicals that are reef-damaging on your skincare are oxybenzone, octinoxate, and octocrylene, so check the label for these significant offenders. In general, you’ll want to look for a “mineral sunscreen,” which indicates the active ingredients are Zinc and Titanium Dioxide.

There is also waterproof sunscreen; you can reapply it for up to 80 minutes, especially when constantly swimming.

Aftersun lotion

If you still tend to burn your skin despite your best efforts, you’ll want to have some post-sun lotion in your bag so you’re not in pain for the rest of your trip. Look for something with soothing aloe and hydrating. You don’tdon’t want your skin dry and chappy after showering.

Bring your own shampoo and conditioner

When you travel somewhere, they sometimes have your favorite brand or your chosen ingredients. Every hair is different. When highly exposed to the sun, you must equip your hair with the product that suits you best.

If you can find a bar of shampoo and conditioner, that is also a good choice. It will decrease the number of liquids you must pack without forcing you to rely on the shampoo supplied by your hotel. This travel beauty product can lighten your suitcase, save you money, and simultaneously protect the planet!

Hair iron for wet and dry hair

Most hotels offer hair dryers, but if you are on the go and want to look fab any day, you may want to use a hair iron (to straighten your hair or make gorgeous locks). Remember to put a heat protector on your hair to avoid extreme damage.


You might have Brazillian waxed yourself before the trip, but hair grows when you least expect them. Better be ready for any hair out there emergencies. A razor won’twon’t take up a lot of room in your bag, so you may not need one specifically designed for travel. However, the biggest issue with most razors is that the blade pops off your bag’sbag’s handle. Or the blade cover comes off, which causes the blades to dull faster.

Menstrual cups

Need I say more? You don’tdon’t want red alert emergencies while having dinner by the beach wearing your beautiful white dress. Be sure to be prepared at all times. Menstrual cups are environmentally friendly and only take up a little space!

The pouch filled with makeup

Please do not bring your entire makeup bag. When traveling, you want to look fresh, not like you’re going to the ball. It’sIt’s best to maintain your makeup routine short and simple while traveling. You’reYou’re good to go with just a bit of powder, some mascara, and lipgloss! Plus, if you’re headed to tropical climates, you’ll sweat it all off in an hour anyway.

Tinted moisturizer

Need more time or energy for a full face of makeup while on the road? Maintain a tinted moisturizer with SPF in your bag to clean your face and give you a fresh-faced glow!

Oil absorbing tissue

Hopefully, you’ll escape the crummy climate back home to leisure somewhere sunny and tropical. But those warm temperatures generally lead to a whole lot of sweat. Pick up oil-absorbing tissues before you leave so you’re not shiny in your holiday photos.

Makeup remover

During your travels, you’ll want to give your face a suitable mid-day scrub (on an airplane) or when cleaning your face with soap and water is challenging (camping, for instance). If you have a pack of cleansing towelettes in your bag, you won’twon’t have to stress about getting to a washroom to freshen up.

Hand sanitizer

Keep those germs out during your trip by having travel-sized hand sanitizer readily within your reach.

Insect repellant

Mosquitoes are a problem. Not only do they drive you to scratch and enrage your skin, but they also bring harmful illnesses like malaria, dengue, and zika. If you’re traversing a high-risk area, ensure insect repellent is on hand to keep those pesky creatures away.


They do not precisely travel beauty products, but they are essential nonetheless. When packing for a vacation, most women need help picking shoes that will be comfortable and stylish. And occasionally, the stylish option wins if you need more space. Prepare for a few potential blisters by throwing a pack of Band-aids in your suitcase. They will protect your feet during long days out exploring the city.

Disposable compact towels

These are perfect for tossing in your bag and have ready for anything you may face on your trips! Use them for cleansing your face, as washroom tissue, or mopping up spills.

These are only a few of my travel must-haves. Just bring a few and make sure you are still traveling light. Remember to take your makeup off before