How to Save Money When Traveling Solo

If it’s safe, it’s good. That’s my mantra. Safe traveling is one thing that you must remember. So when you’re ready to pack your backs on a trip, here are some of my few suggestions when traveling solo.

1. Book flights at the right time

You can book your flight in advance if you are leisurely traveling and have a flexible travel schedule. Some say between four to three weeks on average but little do we know that fares change 62 times over 11 months.

If you are eyeing a flight to a specific destination, you can bookmark Google’s Explore Flight tool and get a view of current flight pricing to a location of your choice. You can also put your plans in Airfare Watchdog to see fare drops when they announce it.

Off-peak seasons are the best time because airline tickets are cheaper and tourist spots have fewer visitors.

2. In-flight entertainment

Some airlines charge you for inflight entertainment. Be sure to tick that off when reviewing your final booking. You can save a lot of $$$ if you download from your Netflix instead and enjoy the things you want to watch on your long flight.

3. Travel light

If you are flying solo, it is often tedious to bring many things, especially when you want to go to the toilet and leave your stuff behind or if you need to check baggage. If you frequently buy things for family and friends (pasalubongs), then think about getting the flight with baggage free on your return flight only. You might be distressed about how many things you must carry with you on your way home and be charged extra at the airport.

4. Check hotel rates on their website

Many hotel websites offer free upgrades or discount coupons when subscribing to their email listing or newsletter. You can take advantage of that and earn more discounts than booking through a third-party site.

5. You may also go for Airbnbs and Homestays

Savings can go a long way if you try Airbnbs. Try to make price comparisons if you are to book an Airbnb vs. a Hotel. Calculate how much you can save with the complimentary breakfast from the hotel with the Airbnb rooms. Many Airbnb offers complimentary tea or coffee, leading to free bike rentals. So you have to keep an eye on and take notes.

6. Pasalubongs in Dollar Store

There is nothing wrong with buying pasalubongs in a Dollar store, especially for the kids and other family members. Dollar stores abroad are rampant, so take advantage of them and buy your gifts without breaking the bank. You can even buy bulk products and imported goods.

7. Include travel insurance in your airfare

You might not think this is important, but travel insurance is your safest bet when losing your things in the country without anyone else. For a few bucks, you can rest easy when things fail.

8. Travel within budget

When traveling, buying things and food can be a little overwhelming. If you are tight on budget, stick with what you can afford.

9. Use apps to get entrance tickets for lower prices

Find apps offering packages and discount coupons on entrance tickets rather than buying on the spot. You can save more money, and you can skip the queue!

There are a lot of ways to save money when traveling alone. Always remember that when traveling alone, be sure that the places you visit are safe. Also, make sure you make someone know your destination and your travel plans. If you have friends/relatives living in that destination, it is also cheaper if you stay. Just be sure they allow you, and it is not inconvenient to the host.