How to travel during the “New Normal”

Borders are finally open. The whole world is ready to kick their shoes and hit the road. It’s time we all reconsider traveling. And since you’re here, it only means one thing – you are itching to pack your suitcase and live it up.

The pandemic certainly made a significant impact on the travel and tourism industry. Although there is still a pandemic, travel restrictions around the world eased.

Aside from the local government’s health protocols, some additional preventive measures will have to be taken by the visitors to protect themselves and others around them. Here are some of my tips before packing your bags:

Learn your destination’s travel restrictions and follow all protocols

Rules may vary per country, so it is essential to do your research before pinning on a destination. It is recommended to get vaccinated as most countries require you to show your vaccination certificate before entering. Some countries require you to wear masks, while others ease the use of masks in public places.

Some places (countries) recommend getting a COVID-19 test 24-28Hours before your flight. You must submit this PCR/swab test that bears a negative result. If you are unwell, you must reschedule your flight for later.

The most essential thing to defend yourself while traveling in the ‘new normal is strictly following all the health protocols throughout your journey. If you are traveling to Europe, UK, or the United States, kindly read these guidelines about cleanliness, health, and safety protocols for reference. Be a wise and responsible traveler, and please follow the rules enforced at your future destinations. Check the news and the latest update from their government website to ensure you have all the proper documentation before traveling.

Wearing masks and bringing your own alcohol

Despite easing travel restrictions in certain countries, you must remember that the virus is still very present, and you can still catch it. Some countries don’t require masks, but if I were to suggest, it is best to stay safe while traveling. It’s never fun to stay in bed while you’re in a different place and not be able to enjoy your time. It might be too much for some, but to be cautious, it’s still best to wear that mask and sanitize things around you whenever you hold something foreign.

Avoid the crowd!

Not all crowded places are fun. Even in the non-pandemic era, congested areas can be inconvenient to some people. Doing some research to find an overlooked gem would not only make your journey safer but unforgettable. And since it’s the new normal, many new out-of-town places are popping out, and people are exploring more unusual and less visited spots. Skim through social media and find them. List down all the “unheard” places and be the few people who came to conquer.

Those unheard restaurants might be the gem you’re looking for. Or a really exciting campsite unknown to many might be the best choice for a summer break. Research, research, research. Exploring the world outside the usual and visiting places without the crowd or the long queue is best. Trust me, it’s going to be worth it.

Cashless transactions and pre-bookings

Booking ahead gives you more freedom and limits your contact with other people. Since social distancing became normal, so did our transactions. Book your rooms ahead. Many hotels and third parties have access to free cancellation or pay property kind. As the new normal emerges, many accommodations grant these arrangements.

It is also a custom for resorts, restaurants, malls, and other establishments to use cashless transactions. Download the electronic money app in your country so you can use their app locally. These apps are easy to top up and will also be more convenient for you. But, don’t forget to still bring cash with you. Make sure you have petty cash to pay for tips or small business owners.

Enjoy your destination, and don’t forget to share your experience on social media

Many travelers look forward to learning something new at each destination. It is essential to share your experience and tips with some friends online so they can follow and avoid mishaps. Try to share valid and crucial information if you can. These may not necessarily be big ideas but rather the details like “travel restrictions” in that particular country. Or if there are places that are already closed or shut down post-pandemic. Sometimes, general posts don’t offer these details, and we must share them with the world.

Also, most people are already itching to travel and see places. Your ideas might be their travel bucket list. Give them insights into what to expect in a particular place and help others discover new spots.

Enjoy traveling in the new normal era. Traveling is fun, but enjoying your trip without ignoring your safety and that of others would be a great experience. Travel tomorrow, but travel responsibly. Don’t just tell them about the beautiful destination that you visited; let them know how you managed to protect yourself along the way. Be an inspiration to other tra