Is it Safe to Travel to Europe as a Solo Female Traveler?

Switzerland, Denmark, and Norway are just a few of my favorite European countries to visit. They are considered the safest countries in the world with a low crime rate, so it makes me feel at ease traveling around Europe.

Are you planning to travel to Europe anytime soon? If you are a solo traveler (and a woman), you might have apprehensions about traveling alone. I am Eleyn, and I have traveled to Europe with confidence that I can make it through without worries.

Like any other place, certain parts of Europe (and their country), where you still need to stay alert. But overall, I have been very excited and relaxed during my holidays. I brought back great memories from my travel.

At first, it is acceptable to doubt. Other people will say, women shouldn’t travel alone on their own in Europe. But why not enjoy the best and trust your gut? Solo female travel is rising, and women around the globe realize how liberating, empowering, and exciting it can be to embark on the unfamiliar alone.

Here are some reasons I love traveling around Europe:

Getting around Europe is as easy as ABC.

European cities are generally safe and easy for solo female travelers to explore, even at night. Europe has excellent public transportation systems, cycle routes, and pedestrianized zones. Many roadhouses offer bike rental and will advise you on the best and most inexpensive way to explore the city. It is highly recommendable to join a free walking/cycling tour, which many hostels also propose.

Hostels are welcoming for Solo travelers.

There are over 5000 hostels in Europe to choose from; you can easily find the right place for you- whether you want to party or take free yoga lessons on the roof terrace, take time to read the reviews from other tourists to get a sense of the hostel before you book.

If you’re anxious about sharing a room for the first time, you can always have options. Hostels are welcoming and warm spaces. You can also look for female-only dorm rooms or reserve a private room for a mix of socializing and privacy. In-house bars and shared areas are great places to meet other travelers, so don’t be terrified to talk with others in your hostel or ask them on an adventure. Most hostels offer affairs such as day trips, walking tours, cooking classes, bar crawls, surf lessons, or yoga lessons, and these are also great places to chat with others.

Safety of Female travelers

A considerable hesitation for women traveling alone is inclined to personal safety. That is why Europe is such a great place for a first-time solo female sightseer: it’s the safest continent in the world, and you’ll likely encounter many other women traveling alone.

Like anywhere, there are things you can do to prevent crises and minimize danger to yourself and your belongings. With common sense and planning, you have nothing to fear.

Some safety tips:

  • Booking your airport transfer or taxi in advance instead of jumping into one when you’re tired from a long journey; 
  • Carry a small amount of cash and keep an emergency credit card in your sock (or somewhere safe)
  • Make it a routine of updating one or two people from home on your whereabouts and giving them the number of the place you are staying in case of emergencies, 
  • Trust your instinct about strangers. Never accept favors, especially when your gut feeling tells you so. 
  • When in bars, keep an eye on your drink at all times. 
  • Make sure you have the number of the police station and the embassy.
  • Always have a spare photocopy of your passport in case you lose it.
  • Always stay alert and not overdrink if you have no one with you.

You can call an EU-wide emergency services number by simply dialing 112 – you will be connected to the police, ambulance, or fire brigade in any country.

So if you are planning to visit Europe next time, don’t hesitate. Traveling alone can be fun and liberating. It’s good for the mind and the heart.

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