Must Pack Essentials for European Vacation

Every traveler is different. The places vary in temperature, culture, experience, and essentials. I have been to many places and have traveled far and wide but what makes Europe unique is its weather. It’s easy to toss some crop tops and shorts when traveling to a tropical country.

But when you plan on visiting Europe, pack the right clothes and essentials so you won’t miss out on the great adventure while still rocking your preferred looks.

Here are some of my recommendations when traveling around Europe:

Leggings (pants) and scarves

It is essential to pack some leggings even during tropical months because Europe is packed with religious sites. Some sites won’t allow visitors to expose their legs and shoulders. If you wish to visit those religious sites (and they’re a sight to see), ensure you are ready and your leggings are rolled up in your bag (if you prefer to wear those pretty summer dresses).

Neutral colored ensemble

Avoid looking too touristy if you want to feel like a local. But it is best to avoid looking too touristy because pickpockets are known to target tourists rather than locals. So dressing up suitably can help keep your valuables safe. (I’m eyeing you, Paris).

Comfortable walking shoes (comfy ankle boots)

You might want to look like “Emily in Paris” on one of your trips to the city of love, but going around and lining up sights (like the famous Eiffel Tower, where lines can be very daunting), it’s best to feel comfortable. Opt for something more comfortable and lowkey and blend in with the locals. Again, the more touristy you look, the hotter you are to pickpockets.

Multi-plug adapter

A multi-plug that works in EU nations where you can plug your USB can be very helpful in charging your devices simultaneously. You’re all good if you have EU adapters for your devices.

Souvenir bag

And I thought I would never need one. I was getting too excited about buying tiny trinkets for my family and friends that the souvenirs won’t fit my luggage afterward. It’s easier if you have an extra bag, say, a duffle, to stuff your goodies!

Travel-size wipes and alcohol

During my trip to France, I found some toilets missing some tissue. Despite the cold weather, people started to travel and may have been a little overwhelmed using tissues. It’s best to have your pack wherever you go in case you need to go on an emergency CR-section. Of course, alcohol for sanitation.

Rain hats

They work both ways, a hat, and an umbrella. I don’t think bringing an umbrella is always convenient, so a handy rain hat can work wonders. You don’t want to get sick in Europe just because you’ve been lining up the famous croissant in the corner of Paris.

Camera (and a good one)

Europe, as I mentioned, is a sight to see. Every nook and corner can be an excellent spot for photos. Never miss an opportunity to take those instagrammable shots for your socials! It may not be selfies, but structures are too majestic to miss. Ensure you always charge your camera (and bring appropriate chargers with an adapter).

Tickets and travel document pockets

Never leave without your tickets and travel documents, especially if traveling from one country to another. Each country must have Schengen appropriate visa approval (see applying for Schengen visa blog). Additionally, take the original and make copies of all your airplane, train and bus tickets and your accommodations with you anywhere you go. I also advise you to save documents in the cloud if you lose them while traveling (and you must visit the embassy).

Safety padlocks

Never forget to put a padlock on your valuables. Invest in good wallets and money bags when traveling to Europe. If there are small pouches for the neck or waist, that would be great. Make sure you look out for your belongings while in Europe. It may not be as safe as you think.

Handy medicine and travel insurance document

Don’t be too excited yet! Europe may have moderate weather, but it’s best to prepare for the worst. Always carry handy painkillers (or antacids). But in case of an emergency, you can always use your travel insurance. That’s why travel insurance is necessary, and you can take it with you if you feel uncomfortable and sick. Travel insurance will cover your accident, emergencies, and even personal liabilities. It may also be able to cover the costs of stolen or lost bags if your trip gets canceled.

Cash and credit cards

If you’re buying from small stores, they might not have credit card machines, so make sure you always bring cash. Most restaurants offer credit card payments, so it’s very convenient. Make sure you understand the currency conversion to avoid trouble with your bills.


Traveling to Europe is a breeze. But traveling light is best, especially if you want to visit more than one country. Bring staples like solid-colored shirts, easy-to-pack pants, and shoes. Accessorizing can help you look different even with repetitive clothes. Check the weather of the country you visit before packing, so you don’t need to overpack (bringing heavy jackets during summers isn’t necessary).

Always stay safe wherever you travel. Understand the rules and the culture of the country you are visiting. And don’t forget to enjoy it! Europe is such a beautiful place to visit. Don’t miss the opportunities to visit local places and museums whenever you are in the city!