Travel Bucket List for First-Time Travelers

You finally got your passport, but where to go next? If you have yet to decide, looking into cooler places around Asia might be a good idea. Summer is just around the bend, and everywhere else may get warm. And Holy Week is just around the bend! 

Seriously, you have to get your travel A-Game on! Before airline tickets get expensive for summer and the long holidays, check into these destinations and see if this might be your first international trip!

Here are top 5 of my favorite travel destinations that you may find really interesting and maybe I can help you with some cool itineraries!

  1. Japan – Explore Tokyo’s bustling city streets and enjoy its vibrant food scene. Take a train ride to the countryside and experience the serenity of Mount Fuji. Japan is one of my favorite top destinations because the people are so nice and the food are just chef’s kiss. Whether you want to explore anime culture or discover the different Shinto and Buddhists temples, Japan has a lot to offer. Want to learn how you can go to Japan and get visa assistance? Send me a message and ask me how!
  1. South Korea – Whether you’re into Kpop or not, Seoul is definitely a vibe you shouldn’t miss. Their food is worth trying and of course, if you’re looking for skincare products, Meyeongdong is a place worth your time. But on top of that, March and April is cherry blossom season. Expect lots of blooms and breezy walks without breaking a sweat. Visit Seoul’s historic palaces and vibrant night markets. Seoul vibe at night is try something to look forward to. Oh, and don’t forget to check out really cook cafes around the city. They’re so gorgeous, you might fill your Instagram stories with exciting images and reels!
  1. Taiwan – Take this opportunity to travel to Taiwan before September! Taiwan is visa free until September 2023! Explore Taipei’s bustling night markets and enjoy its delicious street food. Take a trip to Sun Moon Lake for stunning scenery, or hike in Taroko National Park for a unique outdoor experience. Not only can you visit the touristy Taiwan, you can also check out Taichung! Learn how my trip to Taiwan went and read here.
  1. Hong Kong – Hong Kong recently opened their tourism and ready to welcome visitors like you. From Disneyland to Kowloon street markets, there are plently of activities you can explore. Enjoy the city’s iconic skyline and bustling shopping districts. Take a trip to Lantau Island for a tranquil escape, or hike in the nearby New Territories. Hong Kong is just about 3 hour flight, and most of the night markets are already bustling the streets! Come for food, shopping and just experience both city and nature!
  1. Genting Highlands, Malaysia – Yes you read that right. Malaysia? Genting Highlands offers a mix of cultural, nature and well, a good Casino experience. Ride the cable car and explore the lush green forest of Kuala Lumpur. There are exciting indoor and outdoor theme parks that you can check out. You can also enjoy strawberry picking and strolls, perfect for nature lovers. A great break from overpacked city life. How to get there? Let me help you arrange for solo, group or family travellers!

These destinations offer a mix of city and nature experiences, with a cooler climate than the Philippines. They are also relatively close and accessible by plane, making them ideal for someone who hasn’t travelled internationally. Are you ready to pack your bags? Hold on, before that, remember to make a stress-free itinerary for your destination. Having a hard time? Feel free to send me a message of inquiry!