Be Captivated by the Exquisite St. Malo

St Malo is in northern France in the region of Brittany on the Channel Coast. The closest big city is Rennes, about an hour’s drive south.

Saint-Malo is a historic French port village in the province of Brittany. It’s a walled city and a long record of piracy. Some said St Malo earned much money from local gouging and overseas experiences.

Today, it’s a famous tourist destination. It has ferries from Portsmouth, Weymouth, and Pool in the UK direct to St Malo. Several districts make up St Malo, and the most famous is “intra muros” the ‘inside the walls’ which is full of shops, cafés, and restaurants.

There’s also a more villagey part beyond the walls. A famous nearby town is Dinard, Saint-Malo.

Recommended Activities in St. Malo

Walk the city walls. The oldest part of the city is referred to as “Intra-Muros” (inside the walls). The best way to get an idea of the scale and sights of this part of St Malo is by walking along the city walls.

You can walk along the entirety of the walls at St Malo. They remain untouched to help defend the structures from the high tides and turbulent seas that whip the coastline several times a year.

Strolling along the walls will take little time as St Malo is pretty small. It’s worth it for the views you’ll get from the city, the sea, and Dinard across the water.

Salted Caramels are highly recommended.

Salted butter caramel (caramel buerre salé) is a specialty of Brittany. It originates back in the 1500s when Brittany was the only part of France to be exempted from a salt tax. Since they didn’t have to pay tax on salt, the Bretons sprinkled salt liberally in the local cuisine. This remains a tradition, making Brittany famous for its salted butter today.

In the 1970s, a pâtissier settled with salted butter to make caramel and found this tasty medley. Try salted caramels on crepes and as sweets during your stay.

Boat trip to Dinard

A short boat trip (or drive with a car) will take you from St Malo port to the gorgeous seaside hideaway of Dinard, St Malo.

In the mid-19th Century, many English households discovered Dinard, building villas, hotels, and tourist facilities. By 1889, Dinard had become the area seen by the national and international community. It was believed to be France’s top seaside resort and often host to members of the Royal family and the French elite.

If you walk through Dinard nowadays, you might not randomly bump into the duke and duchess of Wales. But it is guaranteed you’ll be wowed by the elegant villages dappled along the coastline, the luxury hotels, and the beautiful empty, sweeping bays.

Walk by the coastline and weave in and out between the famous town and villas and the sea. Keep a look out for the pool featured in the ‘One Day!’ film.

Stop for a Kouigin-Amann in Dinard markets.

Dinard’s market is well-known in the area. Locals live in St Malo, popping over on Saturdays to stock up on fresh fruit, vegetables, plants, fish, meat, and more.

There’s just so much color in the fruit and vegetables, and the seafood and meat look mouthwatering. If you’re in the mood for lobster, make sure you pop by the lobster stall. They will cook it for you while you shop and explore the market.

When you’re there, don’t miss out, Kouigin-Amann. It is a sweet Breton cake made with laminated dough. Now I can’t get enough of it. The Kouigin-Amann is a round crusty cake made from bread dough with layers of butter and sugar folded into it. It’s butter and sugar, but it’s so good.

But don’t stop there. St. Malo is more diverse than you can imagine. Check out my Instagram page to see some of my amazing captures!