How to Get a Swiss Travel Pass

Ever planning to go to Switzerland? If you ever wish to travel by train and take the scenic route, it is best to use a Swiss Travel Pass.

The Swiss Travel Pass is worth considering if you will primarily be traveling by train in Switzerland. The Swiss Travel Pass can also be worth purchasing if you plan to do mountain excursions and scenic boat cruises, visit museums and use local public transport. I decided to use a Swiss travel pass because it is straightforward and easy to use. And it can potentially save you a lot of money!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Swiss Travel Pass:

What is a Swiss Travel Pass?

It is a way to enjoy unlimited travel in Switzerland by train, bus, boat, and public transport. You can travel all over Switzerland and choose between 3, 4, 6, 8, or 15 consecutive day pass.

First-class Passes allow you to travel in first-class cars – the less crowded areas with slightly larger seat capacities.

Second-class Passes are often bought by locals. You are to be seated in second-class cars, the more crowded section.

An alternative to the Standard Pass is the Swiss Travel Pass Flex. The Flex ticket allows you to use your Pass for the selected number of days over 1 month (you’re not limited by consecutive days). For example, if you buy an 8-day flex pass, you can travel as much as you want on 8 days during the 1 month. The flex pass can be beneficial for people spending a few days in each destination.

Are there other benefits other than public transportation convenience?

The Swiss Pass includes the Glacier Express, Golden Pass Line, Bernina Express, and others. It also includes museum admission, boat rides, and discounts on many mountain excursions.

Enjoy unlimited public transport usage and free entrance to over 500 museums across the country.

Acquire free mountain excursions to Rigi, Schilthorn, Stanserhorn, and Stoos! You can also avail of a 50% discount on any other mountain lifts!

Where should I start to avail this Pass?

You can start your journey from any city or village with the Pass! This is perfect for those on spontaneous trips or adventurous travelers!

Who can purchase the Swiss Travel Pass?

Anyone can get a pass except residents of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

How much do tickets cost?

First-class tickets range from CHF 369 to CHF675 depending on the number of days you wish to avail.

Second-class tickets cost around CHF232 to 429. 25-years old and below can buy a Youth Swiss Travel Pass for 30% less than the regular Pass.

Where do you purchase the ticket online?

You can purchase the tickets through RailEurope and have them emailed to you. You will receive a PDF ticket for easy printing or keep it as an e-ticket on your phone.

If you purchase a Swiss Flex Pass, you will receive instructions on how to activate the ticket for your specific travel dates. Once activated, you will receive a valid ticket for each travel day.

Are Seat Reservations Included in the Swiss Travel Pass?

You don’t need to reserve seats for most trains in Switzerland. The exception is premium panorama trains like the Bernina Express, Glacier Express, Gotthard Panorama Express, and Palm Express. A mandatory seat reservation and/or supplement are required for these trains.

What do I need to get the Swiss Travel Pass?

You will need your passport number and the date you want to use your travel pass. This information will be applied to your ticket.

The Pass comes with a MAP OF VALIDITY to easily see all the railways, buses, boats, cable cars, and urban areas where you can use your Pass for free travel. The map also shows mountain lifts where you get a price reduction and the few lifts where no discount applies.

How to Activate the Swiss Travel Pass?

When you buy a Swiss Travel Pass, it comes activated and ready to use. You have to choose your travel dates ahead, which will be reflected on your ticket.

As for the Swiss Travel Pass Flex, your travel days will be activated online before traveling (a day before the trip is ok). You will then be able to print or save an e-ticket for your journey.

How to use the Swiss Travel Pass?

With a Swiss Travel Pass, you can just hop on a train and go. Present your Pass for the inspector to be scanned. Technically, you’re supposed to show your passport and Pass. It is best to make sure that your Pass and passport are easily accessible when the inspector comes around.

Is it necessary to get a pass?

You can purchase tickets at every train or bus station; however, having a Pass can help you save time and money. Not only will you avoid the queue in ticketing offices, but the Swiss Travel Pass also has perks on the free entrance, bike rentals, and even boat rides. It will also help you save a lot if you move a lot. Most of the trips like the Glacier Express and Bernina panoramic trains are quite expensive so having a Pass saves you a lot of money.

The Swiss Travel Pass is the most comprehensive ticket I have ever experienced to date. It wasn’t limited to buses and trains, and some cable cars, it can also significantly give you a 50% discount on some mountain lifts. If you happen to visit museums, you can also show your Pass, and you’re good. It was uncomplicated and convenient! I wish every country would offer this kind of service.

Another reason to love Switzerland!