Where to Travel Without A Covid-19 Vaccine

Can you still travel even if you’re not vaccinated? Whether you like it or not, admittance to many countries or places primarily depends upon their status as COVID-vaccinated; COVID-19 vaccines are now an almost essential element of travelling. 

Some nations and places still do not mandate COVID immunization upon foreign arrivals if you are unvaccinated and planning to travel.

Travel to Places even without vaccination.

The following nations do not require vaccinations for international newcomers. Most countries on this list only demand additional documentation for immunized travellers. However, certain governments might still impose testing or quarantine requirements on visitors.

Note: Please be aware that the list could change.

The Americas

  • Aruba: The Caribbean country of Aruba has eliminated all admission requirements for COVID-19.
  • Belize: Belize has eliminated all entrance requirements for visitors from abroad, meaning quarantine and medical examinations are no longer required. Belize Travel Health Insurance is no longer needed for all tourists.
  • Cuba: Open borders for visitors
  • Costa Rica: has eliminated its vaccination passport program and waived all outstanding COVID-19 entrance requirements for visitors. 
  • Dominican Republic: No proof of immunization, a negative test result, or quarantine is necessary for the Dominican Republic.
  • El Salvador: Travellers to El Salvador are not needed to show documentation of COVID-19 immunization or a COVID-19 test result to enter the country.
  • Mexico: Mexico is one of the few nations with minimal entrance restrictions in the form of a questionnaire that did not close its borders during the pandemic. To enter Mexico, no tests or vaccinations are now required. 
  • The Bahamas: Visitors can only submit to pre-travel COVID-19 testing, regardless of their vaccination status.
  • The United States: The United States no longer requires travellers to receive certain vaccinations. One of the last remaining pandemic travel restrictions, requiring the majority of international air travellers to be immunized against COVID-19, was repealed by a vote in the House of Representatives.

Asia and African Countries

  • Bangladesh: Unvaccinated Visitors must have a negative PCR test at most 72 hours when they enter Bangladesh. 
  • Bahrain: As stated by Bahrain’s Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA), regardless of their vaccination status, all travellers coming through Bahrain International Airport are exempt from performing a PCR test or going through quarantine upon arrival.
  • Malaysia: has lifted its travel restrictions, including the need to show proof of immunization and clean test results. 
  • Maldives: Regardless of their immunization status, travellers can now enter the Maldives for free.
  • Nigeria: Fully immunized individuals must be examined on day two following arrival rather than self-isolating.
  • Oman: Oman has done away with all COVID-19-related entry requirements for inbound travellers to the country. 
  • Sri Lanka: Travellers are no longer required to produce COVID-19 vaccination certificates on arrival in Sri Lanka. Pre-departure COVID-19 tests are also no longer needed before arrival. 
  • Togo: All passengers travelling to Togo must show documentary proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no more than seven (7) days before boarding.


  • Armenia: When entering the country through land borders and checkpoints in airports, presenting a PCR fast diagnostic test and a vaccination certificate is no longer necessary.
  • Bulgaria: All COVID-19-related entrance criteria have been removed by the Bulgarian government. Anyone entering the country won’t be necessary to show proof of immunization, recovery from COVID-19, or a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • Croatia: Entry restrictions have been eliminated, so visitors no longer need to provide a health certificate to enter the nation.
  • Cyprus: No immunization records, recovery certificates, or COVID test results will be required of passengers travelling to Cyprus.
  • Czech Republic: The Czech Republic has eliminated all COVID-19-related criteria for all arrivals; thus, visitors no longer need to present any documentation of immunization or a COVID-19 test result that is negative.
  • Denmark: Travelers from every other country are now permitted to visit Denmark under pre-pandemic regulations. 
  • Finland: There are no limits on who can enter Finland, including those outside the EU. 
  • Germany: All admission restrictions for COVID-19 have been removed. There will again be no requirement for vaccination records, COVID-19 recovery records, or testing records for travellers visiting Germany for any reason.
  • Georgia: They have eliminated all entrance requirements. 
  • Greece: Greece now permits entry of travellers without vaccinations without requiring a negative PCR or fast antigen test. Additionally, passenger locator forms are no longer necessary.
  • Hungary: There are no longer any travel restrictions in Hungary because of the coronavirus.
  • Iceland: For all travellers, Iceland has eliminated all COVID-19 limitations. They are no longer required to arrive with a vaccination, recovery, or test certificate. The Icelandic government has also eliminated all of its domestic regulations. Thus travellers are no longer required to abide by any rules.
  • Ireland: According to the Irish government, international travellers are no longer obliged to show documentation of their vaccination status or medical recovery. 
  • Moldova: Travellers from outside the country who intend to visit Moldova will only need to provide paperwork relating to COVID-19.
  • Montenegro: Travellers do not need proof of immunization, a COVID-19 test, or a passenger tracking form to enter Montenegro.
  • North Macedonia: All prerequisites have been eliminated in North Macedonia.
  • Poland: All remaining Covid entry restrictions, such as the domestic mask and quarantining procedures, have been removed.
  • Portugal: has eliminated all entry restrictions. Passengers no longer need to show a COVID-19 test with a negative result, a COVID-EU digital certificate, a vaccination record, or a recovery record to enter the country (including Azores and Madeira).
  • Serbia: Serbia is not subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Passenger Locator Forms and COVID-19 vaccination/testing certificates are not required of travellers.
  • Sint Maarten: The requirement for visitors visiting Sint Maarten to show proof of immunization or a negative test result will no longer apply.
  • Slovenia– Slovenia has eliminated all COVID-19-related entrance criteria. It is no longer necessary to arrive with a vaccination certificate, a COVID-19 test result showing a negative result, and confirmation of COVID recovery. There is no longer a legislated quarantine requirement for visitors from other regions.
  • Slovakia – No testing, vaccination, or quarantine requirements exist.
  • Sweden: The restriction on travellers outside the EU/EEA entering Sweden Vaccine requirements has been lifted. Furthermore, showing proof of vaccination and testing while entering Sweden is no longer necessary.
  • Turkey: Travelers are welcome to enter Turkey without being subject to COVID-19 limitations. Travellers entering Turkey can show documentation of their immunizations or the results of their COVID-19 PCR tests.

Middle East and North African Countries

  • Algeria: Anyone arriving in Algeria older than 12 must have a printed negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result. Immunized travellers are exempt. 
  • Egypt: You are not required to show documentation of your immunization status to enter Egypt.
  • Jordan: Before travelling, all arrivals must apply for a health declaration and a travel pass; however, there is no requirement for COVID-19 testing to enter Jordan.
  • Saudi Arabia: To enter the Kingdom, travellers do not need to present a negative vaccination record or a PCR or antigen test result. However, visitor visa visitors must obtain health insurance to cover any COVID-19-related medical expenses incurred abroad.
  • The UAE: The UAE has no entrance, examination, or quarantine requirements in the Emirates.

Travellers who are not immunized face risks and drawbacks

Travellers who want to go without a vaccination must determine whether or not they are prepared to take a chance on getting sick while away from home and submit themselves to more onerous regulations like further testing and quarantine. Nevertheless, most prohibitions are being loosened quickly in Europe and other places. Travellers are prepared to reserve their vacations to nations in Europe, Asia, and other regions subject to stringent restrictions.

While most travellers reserve the right to forego COVID vaccinations, the reality is that doing so will gradually limit the benefits and choices that come with being fully immunized.   

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